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Social Responsibility



Responsibility to shareholders

Our responsibility to shareholders is to enhance their asset value, deliver added-value and steady returns. Alphy has been making rational use of funds, following steady and prudent development strategy, developing a comprehensive corporate governance structure, and constantly improving risk control capacity.

It has developed a corporate culture that delivers value by expertise, enhanced corporate value and generated satisfactory returns to shareholders. By doing so, it has been trusted and supported by shareholders and investors.

By March 31, 2015, total assets of Alphy Biotech stood at RMB 140.4046098 million, with a net margin of 3.88476949 million and economic assets of 76.77867211million.

Responsibility to consumers

Being responsible for customers means upholding the philosophy of “service first and providing reliable protection”:  Alphy has a deep understanding of customers’ demands. It drives the development of cell engineering with cutting-edge techniques in the industry and provides a wide range of health care products. Alphy has a strong R&D ability and professional sales service to improve customer satisfaction. We strive to provide customers with high quality, professional Haematococcus pluvialis products and services.

Responsibility to employees

For employees, Alphy's commitment centers on being a responsible employer and provide for the lives and careers of its employees.

Alphy provides its employees with a harmonious, pleasing environment, attractive remunerations and benefits, clear career plans and extensive room for development, and efficient professional training.

Alphy tackles challenges with professional talent management to conduce mutual progress of the Company, its clients, and its employees.

Responsibility to society

Alphy's commitment is based on the Company's desire to give back to society and contribute to the de

velopment of the country. With such belief, Alphy has been giving back to society with gratitude since it was established.

upholding the charity philosophy “Found with Love and Developing with Love”, Alphy has been investing in environmental protection, education, red cross and community charity projects.

Alphy has been focusing on eco-friendly development and a pioneer in developing a system for cultivation of Haematococcus pluvialis on barren hills instead of farmlands or green areas. 

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